What our Students say

Coming from a non-programming background, Shobha ma'am and Sudhir sir trained me to program in Python, R, and SQL, which helped me get a job as an Associate analyst with Pristine InfoTech-an advanced retail consumer behavior science company.
Laxmi Sagar
Associate analyst, Pristine InfoTech
I had been learning "Math for CS" and programming from Shobha mam. A dedicated teacher with an exceptional sense of empathy. Always thankful for her time and am fortunate to have such a mentor.
Learning programming languages has been an incredible experience, and getting teachers like Shobha ma'am is even better. Her way of teaching is more than amazing, and the best thing is the way she supported me throughout my learning journey.
B.S Student at The Indira Gandhi National Open University
Sudhir sir and Shobha ma'am are very supportive. My experience of learning Python has been really wonderful. My learning journey has put me through many ups and downs, but the best part was that they always stayed by my side and tried their best to help and support me in those situations.
B.S Student at The Indira Gandhi National Open University

What our Associates say

I am Jayanthi, a retired IT professional from Hyderabad, India. I have known Sudhir and Shobha for more than 30 years. "Most compassionate" are the words that come to me when I think of them. Amidst hectic professional and personal lives, they have volunteered and trained a number vision impaired and blind students and from several cross-sections of India. They have trained these students on Python programming, C& C++ and Database languages, and are always willing to mentor them in order to enrich their professional lives. I commend them for their service and wish them all the best.
L.R. Jayanthi
Retired IT professional
Sudhir Varma and Shobha have been volunteer mentors for visually impaired students at Vision-Aid for over four years. Many blind and visually impaired students have learned coding skills under their expert guidance. Some have even gone on to secure jobs that have helped them to find independence and dignity. The dedication, commitment, and passion they bring to their one-on-one careful, and loving mentorship for these students is just beyond amazing. The results of their work speak for themselves through the transformation we see in these students.